The Skye

The Skye: FAQ

1. Who is the Developer?

The Skye Development (Pty)Ltd.- Part of the Saantha Naidu Group (SNG)

2. Which municipality precinct administers this area?

Ethekwini Municipality North Entity

3. What security measures are there in place for the residents?

The SKYE complex will be monitored by its own in-house state of the art security system and manned security, with the surrounding precinct supervised by the Ridge Management security.

4. What is the size of the commercial and retail component of the development?

Residential – 21 500 m²

Commercial & retail – 2 580 m²

5. What is the timeline for the construction of the building?

Presently under construction

Completion -April 2021

6. How will The Skye property ownership be managed?

The property ownership will be sectional title, managed by a property management company in conjunction with the body corporate.

7. What Legal documents govern living at The Skye?

The body corporate rules, read in conjunction with Ridge managements rules. These will be ratified at the first meeting of the Trustees of the body corporate.

8. What is the total expected Value of The Skye on completion?

R1.1 billion.

9. Who is responsible for property rates, electricity and water payments?

The respective Owners will be liable for all utilities and services provided and consumed.

Respective service providers will bill them directly.

10 Are pets allowed?

NO PETS (animals) except birds and fish subject to body corporate rules.

11. When will the purchasers be able to move into their apartments after completion?

Owners will be given beneficial occupation of the apartments when the occupation certificate has been issued by the relevant authorities, which is anticipated to be April 2021.

12. How much is the levy?

The levy will be determined 6 months prior to occupancy. The levy is estimated to be R 28/m².

This is subject to change.

13. Will an owner be allowed to rent out their unit?

Long term rentals will be permissible with a minimum of a 1 year lease, subject to body corporate rules and regulations. No short term rentals will be permitted.

14. Will my domestic worker be able to reside at the Development?

Yes, domestic workers will be permitted to reside in your individual residence subject to body corporate rules and regulations.

15. Will there be visitors parking?


16. How many garages or parking bays do I get?

Refer to unit plans.

17. Can I purchase additional parking bays?

Additional parking bays will be available for purchase subject to availability.

18. Will there be air-conditioning in the units?

All units will be fitted with air-conditioning.

19. Will the option of home automation be available?

Each unit will have the required infrastructure in place to allow for your home to be completely automated at your own cost, based on body corporate rules and regulations.

20. Can I use my own architect for amendments to my own apartment?

Owners can make changes to the interior of their unit as well as use their own contractors only after the transfer has taken place. All changes will be subject to guide lines and body corporate approval.

21. Who will take care of the maintenance of the Building?

The SKYE body corporate will be responsible for the external maintenance of the building. This will be defined in the body corporate rules.

22. Will there be storage facilities?

Most the units will have store rooms and additional storage facilities will be offered for purchase subject to availability.

23. Where can I hang my washing?

Most of the units will have enclosed service yards for drying facilities and units without service yards will be required to install their own indoor drying facilities within their unit.

24. Will clients of the Retail Mall and Commercial units be able to access residential facilities?

NO, access to residential facilities will be restricted for residents only and access controlled measures will be in place to prevent non-residents from entering the residential component.

25. Will there be a generator?

Yes, for emergency services only.

26. Will the building have a NHBRC certicate?


27. Who is the nancer of the building?

Investec Bank or ABSA Bank

28. What is building warranty?

The building warranty is based per the NHBRC and JBCC building contracts. Kindly refer to their respective websites for details. This includes a 5 year structural and 1 year leak warranty.

29 What re protection systems are in place?

The building is fully compliant with the local fire safety requirements. There will be two fire escapes per floor.

30. How many elevators are in the building?

There are 2 elevators servicing the building.

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